This is a snapshot of my personal lexicographic database of Tlingit. I use the Mac OS X version of TshwaneLex for my lexicography work. The HTML version is automatically generated by TshwaneLex from the XML database with no frills. The much prettier PDF version is created through an arcane pipeline of XSL, TeXML, sed scripts, XeLaTeX, and shell scripts. Since the database is inherently XML there is naturally the possibility of a fancy online version. But I’m not much of a web programmer and so I haven’t bothered to explore that direction much.

I don’t recommend that the average lexicographer should try this route, but if you’re handy with LaTeX, XSL, and sed then you might find it a useful template from which to design your own.

TshwaneDJe has discounts with no publication restrictions for people using their software to create dictionaries for endangered languges, currently €150. It’s a commercial product, but you get much more than what you pay for. I’ve used other free lexicographic programs and have yet to find one that suits my needs as well as TshwaneLex does. The Mac OS X version, which I normally use, is still a bit clunky but constantly improving.

Last updated: 15-July-2012